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Today, there is a robust ecosystem of high quality solutions for every aspect of online program delivery.  Firms that excel in one area, though, tend not to excel in others.  That’s why you’ll need to work with more than one provider. Doing so takes integration and close oversight — exactly what Noodle Partners provides.

Noodle Partners finds best-in-class online solution providers and manages their services in ways that reduce your costs and minimize your risks.

Reducing Costs

For most tech-heavy providers, the biggest costs are rooted in sales and integration. When our providers work with us, they don’t have to sell, and they don’t have to integrate (thanks to the NoodleBus, described below).  Additionally, we bring them volume. We’re their best customer. For those reasons, we expect outstanding service and most-favored-nation pricing, which we pass along to our clients. That’s how we keep your costs down.

Minimizing Risks

Our network is built in such a way that we have several providers available for each of the core online program service areas at any given time. This approach allows us to both swap out providers for any reason, and bring our clients new methods and technologies as they become available.

Our ability to swap out a provider assigned to your program/s for any reason is particularly beneficial. Should a provider’s performance slip in any capacity, be it a quality, time management or ROI issue, we can make swift replacement decisions because we have a network of best-in-class providers ready to jump in.

Noodle Partners knows the best, fastest, and lowest-priced providers. We know who always makes their deadlines, and who always misses them.  We know who’s resting on their laurels, who’s past their prime, and who’s on the cusp of greatness. It’s a complex and dynamic ecosystem.  We don’t think you should venture into it without a guide.

Technology & Services Sewn Together

From the moment a student is displayed a digital ad about a particular online program, to the moment they write their first alum check, The Noodle Stack is the foundation of their experience with your university. Simply put, It’s technology and services sewn together to create a renowned student experience.

The Stack leverages industry leading providers for marketing, recruiting, instructional design, academics, student support, and other key components of a successful online program. Its ultimate responsibility though, is to seamlessly integrate the work of these third-party providers.

Outside Providers in the Noodle Stack

Noodle Partners brings together the very best providers in the online education world. They fall into three categories.

First, there are Utilities — the services everyone has to have.  For example, you will need a video content management system.  It’s a tool — and a very important one.  You have to have one; you want to have the best one; and you don’t mind if other universities have the same one.

Second, there are Systems — technology solutions you are already using, campus-wide, and intend to continue using. For example, you may have settled on a Learning Management System years ago, and grown accustomed to it.  We can work with that LMS.  We will connect it, through the NoodleBus, to other parts of the stack.  If we believe the system isn’t meeting all your needs, we will tell you that, and propose fixes.

Third, there are Firms — providers that meet your specific needs, who aren’t just best-in-class, but best-for-you. Our goal is to find the providers you trust to make your programs special, in ways that reflect the strengths and reputation of your institution. We will, when necessary, guide you through the selection process.  And we’ll be sure to help you obtain the required degree of exclusivity.  These are providers you don’t want working for your competitors.

There are also a few components of the Noodle Stack that are delivered by Noodle Partners directly.

Noodle Partners in the Noodle Stack

The NoodleSite is a fully-optimized microsite that can be adapted to your specific marketing needs.  The NoodleSite allows us to launch a marketing campaign, designed to efficiently capture organic leads, within days, at a much lower price than you would pay for a bespoke content management system and microsite. The front end is a flexible template optimized for A/B testing, by program. The NoodleSite is a required component of the Noodle Stack. Here’s a microsite we built for Tulane’s online MSW.

Another required component of the NoodleSite is the NoodleBus, our proprietary system for giving you, your faculty, and your students a seamless online experience. Students, faculty and members of your administration will have no idea they are moving from one system to another.  The NoodleBus is a back-end technology used to integrate the disparate technologies of the Noodle Stack and present their data together in ways you can use. Whether information is coming from an Inquiry Management system, a Customer Relationship Management suite, a Student Information System or a Learning Management System, the NoodleBus will make it accessible via a real-time dashboard and suite of analytic reports.

NoodlePlacement is a necessary component of the NoodleStack for programs that require a practicum for graduation.  Taking such programs online presents a unique set of challenges.  Unlike their ground-based counterparts, online programs must find appropriate field placements not just near your campus, but across the country. That’s why Noodle Partners has developed a proprietary database to facilitate field placements nationwide. NoodlePlacement allows us to combine the wisdom of many programs across the country to the benefit of each.  This database of options, and our depth of knowledge about each, improves with each cohort we place.

Daily Oversight

Once we have crafted the components of the Noodle Stack to meet your needs, we direct and supervise our providers.  We make sure they succeed, so you succeed.

An Evolving Stack

Ed Tech providers compete fiercely, one-upping each other to improve their offerings. We are the beneficiaries of this robust ecosystem. And we constantly update our provider network so we can make your programs less expensive, more engaging, and more successful.

Still have questions about the Noodle Stack? Contact us and we’ll get some time on the calendar to discuss.