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Noodle Partners was built to create great programs. We strive to be transparent, making data about marketing and recruitment available in ways that you can use. Integrating your internal strengths with best-in-class providers and enabling the synthesis of online and on-campus operations, we offer a level of flexibility simply not available with other OPMs. Additionally, we’re aligned to the goals of the school and university; you retain the ability to recruit among specific demographic or geographic groups and to increase or decrease marketing efforts on a moment’s notice.


Marketing efforts are the primary driver of applicants to new online programs. They also communicate an institution’s values, mission and brand. Noodle Partners understands this and collaborates with universities to ensure their marketing efforts enhance their reputations.

Marketing is, regrettably, one of the most expensive aspects of developing new online programs and maintaining existing ones. Naturally, costs will vary based on location, area of study, and degree level. But without deeply experienced people navigating the complex vendor ecosystem, marketing costs could be much higher.

Luckily, the many aspects of marketing — including strategy, logistics, media buying, enhancements, search engine optimization, etc. — are a core strength of Noodle Partners. Our team is experienced in all aspects of marketing.

To help each college achieve its marketing goals, Noodle Partners will provide:

Strategic Advice & Market Research

Working with each college, Noodle Partners will conduct a detailed market analysis, based on Department of Labor data and other evidence of national and regional employment trends, as well as of the competitive landscape in each subject area, to assess the viability of proposed programs. Noodle Partners’ reports will include analysis of online competitors’ pricing, admissions standards and requirements for graduation, providing the colleges with important guidance as they decide which online programs to launch and how to position them in the crowded marketplace.

Web Design & Content Management

Noodle Partners will design a robust, search-engine-optimized portal for each program. Within days, a school can deploy a differentiated site on a subdomain with the correct look and feel and connections to its CRM and recruiting teams. Noodle Partners can also launch and manage micro-sites to reach various submarkets.

Paid Advertising

A key part of Noodle Partners’ work will be to build, launch and manage a paid media strategy for each college. We will develop, deploy and optimize a paid media strategy that generates interest from the most-ideal prospective students at the lowest possible cost.

Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing

Despite the importance of paid media efforts, the most enthusiastic prospects — and those most easily converted into students — are those who arrive at your website organically. (An organic or inbound visit is one that is triggered by a prospective student searching for your school, a program, or any other number of long-tail queries via the search engines.) To identify and nurture this audience, Noodle Partners will build and manage a comprehensive Inbound Marketing plan. The foundation of the plan starts with in-depth keyword research (SEO) coupled with a complete understanding of your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

You probably have yet to come across an OPM that offers CRO as part of their marketing services. The goal of CRO is to make sure that we’re converting as many of the visitors to your website as possible into applicants.

CRO means figuring out what visitors to your site are looking for when they arrive and then delivering it to them. It can take many forms based on your overall goals. Sometimes it involves making your call-to-action buttons more eye-catching, changing their placement on the page, or even testing the button copy itself. At other times it means removing complicated steps from your conversion funnel, or minimizing on-page copy or forms, as any type of friction can prevent a conversion. CRO always involves A/B testing.

A/B or split testing involves comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. When competition is so high, especially on paid advertising channels like Google Adwords, it’s important to not waste a single opportunity to convert a prospective student. We make sure your microsites and landing pages are optimized for conversions.

Lead Nurturing

Once you successfully convert a visitor into a lead, the next step is to get the lead to complete an application. Without a thoughtful lead-nurturing strategy, it’s going to be difficult to grow your student pipeline.

In most cases, lead-nurturing will be deployed utilizing a marketing automation platform. Touch points can include phone, text and email. Just as was the case with CRO, A/B testing is particularly important when it comes to lead nurturing campaigns. What you communicate, how you communicate it and when, are all important factors when it comes to getting students across the application finish line.

Noodle Partners will work collaboratively with your internal communications team as well as selected marketing providers to build and manage lead nurturing campaigns that keep your student pipeline full.  

Student Recruitment

Prior to the online evolution, the student demographic at a given institution was, in general, more locally focused based on students’ biases on regional affiliation or connection to the university. The wave of online education has created the opportunity for universities to become national brands. In order to accomplish this, there is a need not only for strategic marketing but also for dedicated Enrollment Counselors who call and follow up with inquiries to drive interest in your online programs.

Noodle Partners is dedicated to understanding your institution’s mission and unique position in the marketplace, as well as the admission and recruitment processes and protocols currently being utilized. Integrating with existing efforts will be one of Noodle Partners’ highest priorities. Our goal is to build upon existing operations and content that work, while making enhancements to allow for nation-wide recruitment.

Each individual online program offered at your institution will receive a dedicated Noodle Partners-sourced recruitment center. All recruitment efforts will embrace your mission and unique position in the marketplace. Enrollment Counselors will be thoroughly trained, coached and monitored to ensure that the respective colleges are properly represented and prospective student adequately supported through the process.

In addition to embracing your school’s unique culture and spirit, the Enrollment Counselors will qualify inquiries to ensure their fit. They’ll also counsel prospective students through the application process to ensure they are making the right academic choices, meeting admissions deadlines and properly gathering required application items.

Long before the first lead is contacted, Noodle Partners will have ensured message alignment and strict compliance with all pertinent regulations. Once marketing begins, Noodle Partners will provide your team with clear and complete data.