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A Flexible Economic Model
Designed to Lower Costs

Noodle Partners’ model is efficient, helping partner universities enjoy a $15,000 to $30,000 per-student savings over OPM-managed programs of similar quality. For a single 45-credit program ramping to 300 student starts per year, we will save you and your students nearly $20 million over eight years.

Our basic approach is the fee-based model described below, but we also offer a temporary revenue share model for schools that would prefer to let us cover their upfront costs.

Upward business profitDownward business profit

Our Fee-Based Model

Designed to keep costs low and complement your internal resources, our fee-based model is transparent and simple.

Noodle Partners

Our fee structure is simple. We charge $12,000 per month to support the university, plus $6,000 for each degree program we manage. We’ve negotiated most-favored nation pricing with our providers, and will bill you quarterly for those expenses (which we will not mark up). Finally, we charge a fee of $68-4 per credit/hour, depending on total enrollment. Depending on your program’s tuition, our fees and those of our providers will total between 30-45% of tuition.


These fees will vary depending on which services and technology you choose to provide internally vs. which services you want Noodle to manage. We will bill you quarterly for these services, and pass along 100% of the fees to our providers.

Fee-based model

Flexibility Is Key

Noodle Partners’ contracts are short-term (three years) and flexible. You choose which services you’d like us to provide (we’ll advise on the others), and for how long. This is compatible with an agile approach to online learning, in which one team handles marketing, recruiting, instructional design and student support for both online and on-campus programs.

On average, our fees will total a very small percentage of tuition (3-8%) and if you want a turnkey solution much like that of traditional OPMs, our providers’ services (marketing, recruitment, retention, instructional design, etc.) will average 30-45% of tuition (depending on your credit fee and the length of the program)— compared to the 65% an OPM will take. Please click here and we’ll set up a time when we can provide you with a more detailed projection of your costs.


Revenue Share

While our fee-based approach yields favorable economics, the upfront capital needed to launch a high-quality program may not be accessible to all schools. In response, we offer a temporary revenue share option, in which we’ll invest the upfront capital to build and scale your programs in exchange for a share of tuition. We will revert to our standard fee-based model once that initial investment has been recouped. This option will allow you to put up little or no cash and assume very little risk.

Temporary revenue share

What Makes Us So Efficient

Working with Noodle Partners will cost you considerably less than building your own programs or working with a traditional OPM.

Here’s why:

Efficient technology


Our investment in the NoodleBus helps us efficiently tie together various technologies and streamline data into our analytics tools.



Our trusted partners have invested over $1.5 billion in their technologies and services. They work to our specifications and give us exceptional pricing because we speak for ten of the best universities in the US.

Network effects

Network Effects

As we add more schools to our network, our benchmark data gets more precise, and the synergies among the schools (for instance, working together to achieve better and quicker placement into clinical practices) becomes more evident.

Lower profit

Lower Profit

Wall Street expects that each contract will bring an OPM $5 to $10 million a year in profit. Our target is an order of magnitude less; we will become a significant company only by being so good that we create a large network (which benefits each of the universities involved, as per above).

And That's Why

This is a new model of online higher ed. It invests our expertise and millions of dollars to help you create excellent online and hybrid programs with a 20-30% cost advantage over competitive programs, to the benefit of your school and your students.


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