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World Class
Higher Ed Online
How We Do Things: Differently

Our job as the general manager of your online and hybrid programs is to create and manage them with flexibility and transparency. We provide the best instructional design, technology, marketing, recruiting and student services with an institution-specific approach; we leverage your internal strengths while providing a more turnkey approach where needed.

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Leveraging Other
People's Money

In 2007, when John Katzman started 2U, there weren’t a lot of good tech and service providers. So he built the necessary systems. Since then, investors have poured some $15 billion into EdTech firms. Today, rather than build everything from scratch again, Noodle Partners supervises and coordinates the work of the best of these providers. This approach allows us to be much more flexible and far less expensive than traditional OPMs.

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In God We Trust;
All Others Must Bring Data

One way Noodle Partners empowers you is by providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your programs. Using our proprietary NoodleBus, we integrate multiple technologies and assemble marketing, recruiting and academic data into a series of analytic reports. This is collaboration and transparency; providing you with far more–and more useful–information than any traditional OPM would share. Deming would be proud.

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How do you know we’ll do the things we say we’ll do, and why does our approach matter? Learn how working with Noodle Partners is different from (and better than) working with traditional OPMs or going it alone.  Or just contact us and we’ll discuss it in person.