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Our Clients

Case Studies

Noodle Partners is a young company, but our team has substantial experience. Here are a few details about three programs we’ve managed:

Case Study 1: USC

In 2008, the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education began conversations with John Katzman, then the head of The Princeton Review, about developing an online teacher education program. When his Board declined to build the program, he left to start 2U.

The program was launched in 2009. Katzman personally headed the team that brought the program online, which included current Noodle Partners staff members Stephen Green, Julian Farmer, and Jackie Jendras. Together with Dean Melora Sundt of USC, now Noodle Partners’ Chief Academic Officer, they created the first online degree program with the quality of a great on-campus program. While growing enrollment from 80 (on-campus) to 1500 students (online) in forty countries, USC improved its US News ranking from 42 to 14.

Case Study 2: Pepperdine

In March of 2016, Noodle Partners entered an agreement with Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management to take its Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) online. Designed for adult learners who have succeeded in business but lack a degree, the program had existed on the ground for many years, but lacked national reach.

Graziadio is now well-positioned for a fall 2017 start that will exceed its first-year enrollment goal. While it is too early to declare victory, the overall BSM program is becoming the best online and on-campus degree completion program in the country, with dramatically improved technology and instructional design, admissions standards, student: faculty interaction, and graduation rates.